Terrarium Tv App Review & Download Link (2018)

Have you heard of an app called Terrarium TV? this is an app founded in 2017 that has grown exponentially over a year and is now known as Showbox Killer. This article is all about Terrarium tv and Its Review and some facts you must know before downloading This App for your phone.

Terrarium Tv Review

What are the functions of Terrarium tv app?.

Terrarium tv is an Online Movies and Tv Shows streaming app that provides access to all the content for free, yes, you heard it right. Terrarium tv is just like Netflix but shows all the movies for free, and you can watch the movies in high quality along with subtitles for all the videos. This article is all about the Pros and cons of this Streaming application.

Note: You can Download this app from Terrarium tv Official Website without any problem.

pros of Terrarium Tv

  • you can consume all the content for free, which at the same time you need to pay a subscription price every month in other apps, which are a competitor of Terrarium tv.
  • Default English Subtitles are provided with all the videos and movies you watch, Additionally, you can also upload custom subtitles to the videos to add subtitles of different languages of your choice.
  • You can change the video quality and choose the one that best suits your internet connection & speed.
  • New Episodes of Shows and new movies are added to the database quickly, you don’t have to wait much.

Cons of Terrarium TV

  • Sometimes the advertisements are too annoying in between the movies. And this is how they earn the money, instead of charging directly they depend on advertisement revenue.
  • Video load speed is pretty slow compared to other paid apps like Netflix, Whereas if you compare with the other free streaming apps, Terrarium Tv performs well.


Every Product has some advantages and disadvantages, and same applies to the app, and the user must know all those points before using the product, Hope this Article was helpful to you in understanding Terrarium TV better. If you like the app don’t forget to share it with your friends and spread happiness.

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